Skin Stories: #1

“My tattoos are my memory and my daily inspiration. I’ve been ill for about 5 years, the phoenix on my arm signifies my ability to rise from the ashes. The new piece on my chest is in memory of my Mom who recently passed away, every element of that has a special meaning for her.

My artist and I work hand in hand to bounce ideas until we come up with a design that we mutually love, I think that care comes out in the finished piece and needs to be cared for.

Electric Ink products is the first complete range I’ve found that has every aspect of life covered and, being vegan, isn’t full of who knows what to go into my tattoos. I’ve always looked after my tattoos but since I started using Electric Ink products I get many more comments about how vivid they are, people think the phoenix is brand new. Benefit for me is that my skin feels and smells fabulous as well as looking great.”



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