Hanging with Lower Than Atlantis

What an awesome two days we’ve just had! We managed to hang out with the guys from Lower Than Atlantis – Pretty sweet, right?

These past two days have been a little surreal for us here at Electric Ink – the team here have followed LTA for a while now and like to think of ourselves as fairly big fans. When we saw that the boys were playing in York the same day we had a meeting there – we knew it was our chance calling!

So after speaking to what felt like 100 people, we finally got in touch with the band! We managed to link up with them in York around 2 hours before the show. Not only did they crack a beer open with us on their tour bus, they also cracked open our 3 core products, Daily Moisturiser, Defining Body Oil and Vibrancy Serum and gave them a whirl! It was a truly awesome feeling hearing Dec, the Bass player say our Defining Body Oil ‘smells f**ing delicious”.

A couple of beers later, we decided to let the boys get prepped for their second to last show of their tour. That York show had to be one of the hottest gigs we’ve ever been to – honestly, sweat pit! After the boys tore the stage apart we linked back up and the lads mentioned they were all going to get a ‘tour tat’ the next day in Sheffield and invited us – this was an opportunity we couldn’t miss out on… So we committed and that was that, Sheffield bound we were!

Once we arrived in Sheffield with the boys, the general ‘tour tat’ option was a slice of pizza, standard! Who doesn’t love pizza, right? Although, one of the crew got the front of the tour bus and a few others got the LTA iconic 3 wave logo – our favourite!

The saying is true – ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’. Before we knew it the lads were getting changed and freshened up to play for the diehard fans of Sheffield. Another real moment for the team here was seeing all the boys passing our products around before they hit the stage just to make sure there ink looked as fresh as can be!

These two days were a real eye-opener into a bands life and an experience the team here at Electric Ink won’t forget for a long time. So a HUGE thank you to their tour manager, Paul Gibson for making it happening… Cheers Paul! You’ll have a Gift box (or 10) waiting for you when you get home.

More content to drop soon… 



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