Beauty Shoot – Macey

As you may know one of Electric Ink’s main aims is to bridge the gap between beauty and tattoos. We’ve created a specialist aftercare packed with active ingredients to keep your skin nourished, and tattoos looking fresh and defined helping them look as bright as can be meaning you can show them off along with your new high-street purchase or your latest Instagram based makeup look.

With a sudden spike of beauty retailers now interested in us, it was time to do a photoshoot that illustrated this…

Why Macey? We’ve had an eye on Macey for a while now and as her social presence has started to grow we we thought it would be an ideal match. Safe to say she thought the same!

Not heard of Macey? She’s an influencer based in Leeds, UK. She predominantly focusses her content towards cosmetics and fashion so the fit worked well for us. To help you guys get to know her better we asked her a few questions after the shoot and here’s what she had to say –

Thanks for that shoot Macey, with us been a first in this market how’d that compare to other shoots?

I thought the shoot was great, I felt super comfortable with the photographer and we got some amazing content!

Bare in mind they’ve not been edited yet – which of the shots was your fave?

My favourite shots have to be the shots in my black crop and white pants, I think it makes the colours of the products pop too, and I love the minimal colours of these pictures.

Which product do you think you’ll be using the most?

I think the Vibrancy Serum will be my most used, having a lot of colour on my ink means that they can sometimes look very dull (especially when exposed to the sun). As I’m abroad a lot I think this product will help keep the colours of my tattoos looking vibrant and fresh! I also love the Exfoliating Body Wash too, it smells delicious!

Will we be seeing you again?

For sure! I’ve had an awesome day shooting for the brad and I love the concept behind the brand itself, I’m vegan and I love working with companies and like minded people who are taking on board this idea of cruelty-free products, I would love to work with you guys again in the future!

Model – @maceybluebell



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