A Father’s Day gift to remember…

Rewind a week ago and the Electric Ink team received the most amazing hand-written letter from Leah (aged 8) and Charlotte (aged 6) from Ontario, Canada.

We take all letters seriously here at Electric Ink HQ but this one deserved some special attention…

Creative sisters Leah and Charlotte wanted to give their Dad (Mike) a very special gift that he would always remember! 

What was their request? For Dad to get an “awesome A-M-A-Z-I-N-G” tattoo that would be conceptualised and designed by one of the daughters. Genius idea we thought!

To encourage some healthy sibling rivalry, we decided to let the Electric Ink community vote between two wonderfully detailed drawings, the choice is between Wonderwoman and Starwars R2-D2.

So in true Electric Ink spirit we decided to fund the tattoo and make it a reality (with Mike’s permission of course!) 

Please follow the link HERE to vote for your favourite drawing – the winner will be announced (and tattooed) onto Mike this Sunday! 

Happy Father’s Day y’all – keep being awesome.



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